Fujima Yoshinojo – is a Chicago-area native and Japanese American who has studied Japanese classical dance for the last twenty-seven years. She received her professional stage name in 2006 as a member of the Fujima Ryu Japanese Classical Dance School in Japan. The performance name, or natori, is a major milestone for a practitioner of the Japanese cultural arts. She has performed in collaborations with Asian Improv aRts MidWest, Tatsu Aoki, Tsukasa Taiko, Bellisima Productions, the Miyumi Project, and Yoko Noge’s Japanesque, and is also an active performing member of Toyoaki Shamisen.

She attained her grandmastership this year in February, which certifies her with a shihan (teaching license), and currently continues her performing with Fujima Shunojo Sensei, Founder and Director of Fujima Ryu of Chicago dance troupe. This year she has also been awarded the Links Hall Artistic Associate Curatorial Residency for the 2017 season, for her “Beyond the Box” presentation/series.

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